Voice of Hope in the Darkness was started by Nicole Smith in Summer of 2014. She is an author and digital media specialist dedicated to being a light in a world filled with hopelessness. Currently, Nicole is in the process of writing two TV series and a novel all based on topics surrounding suicide, depression, hope and purpose. She is the CEO of Fine Pearls Media, a social media marketing company, and the lead writer for both Voice of Hope in the Darkness and The Battle is Real. Nicole’s inspiration has been featured in the INsight Scene digital magazine and in the Thought Catalog.

Through Voice of Hope in the Darkness, you can connect with someone via text or email when you’re struggling, be exposed to uplifting content on social media, read blog posts or listen to podcasts that are designed to encourage you, and share your story with the world!

This world is full of negativity. We need hope. We need encouragement. We need to know that we are loved. With hosts from around the world, sharing different thoughts and perspectives, INsight creates daily videos and posts to inspire and encourage you! We need INsight on everything from peer pressure, fashion, relationships, health, beauty, bullying, depression and so much more. We talk about real issues with a focus on transforming culture by discovering purpose, finding hope and loving ourselves and others. Be sure to subscribe! Because you matter, you are loved and beyond beautiful!

Nicole had the opportunity to be a guest contributor alongside the many incredible women of INsight. Her message was focused on finding ways to be the light for others. Oftentimes, it easy to get caught up in our own day-to-day routine and begin looking at life as a checklist rather than an opportunity. When this happens, it becomes so easy to ignore those around us. Simple acts of kindness such as greeting someone, smiling as someone walks by, or finding a way to compliment a total stranger can have significant impacts that stretch beyond that singular moment in time.

Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.

Each person has a different story including everything from their background to personal struggles and temptations. Often, we will know nothing about these things that make up that person – this is all the more reason to find a way to focus on others. Find a way to encourage, inspire, and lift others up instead remaining internally focused. There are so many ways that we can be a light for others and who knows, your smile might just be the light at the end of the tunnel that another person is seeking just to make it through the day. #BeTheLight

Thoughts that encourage, inspire and transform. Because you matter. You are loved and beyond beautiful. -@INsightScene


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