The Value of Your Purpose.

Things that are truly valuable, like our faith, individual purpose, hopes and dreams, all require great sacrifice. These precious pieces of our future do not come by us idly sitting around. They come through hard work, late nights, determined focus, and perseverance to keep fighting when the world says give up. Nothing that is truly worth having is going to come easy. It comes to those who know the value and worth of what they’re going after and are willing to risk it all in order to attain it.

What dreams do you hold dear to your heart? What brings your soul to life and gives you the hope to keep climbing all of the obstacles thrown your way? What’s in front of you that is so valuable that you’re willing to risk everything currently in your possession in order to attain it? These things are critical. These bits and pieces of life that bring you joy and let you live a passion-filled life are incredibly important. In fact, these are the things that matter the most.

For me, I’ve struggled for years to see exactly how my variety of interests, skills and talents could ever all be used together. I felt like maybe I was spread too thin and that if I had only a single interest or passion that I would be better off, but the truth is, when I only embrace one of these elements instead of all the things that have been placed on my heart, I do not feel satisfied or fulfilled.

My interests have ranged from social media management and graphic design to screenwriting and raising awareness about Deaf culture, suicide and depression. And in between is photography, painting, dancing, public relations, podcasting and more. It wasn’t until recently that I started seeing how all of the pieces could really connect and how I could team up with others with similar passions to have a positive impact on the culture.

I challenge you to think about these things that are important to you and be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire because the value of your purpose can not be measured. Walking into your purpose is worth everything you have. Do not be afraid, do not hold anything back. Hold your head high and walk boldly in everything you were designed to do. You’ve got this.

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