The Beginning of an Era.

Welcome to the Voice of Hope in the Darkness blog!

In a world filled with hopelessness, pain, suffering and depression, our goal is to bring encouragement and inspiration. No one should have to face the darkness alone.

The truth is…life can hit you all at once, and when it does, it hits hard. Everything around you can be perfectly calm, but in an instant, chaos can burst through the walls of your life. The foundation you stand on will quickly crumble and you can be left crawling through the rubble. It’s tough. It’s frustrating. It’s overwhelming…but life seems to continue on anyways.

We have to hang on a little tighter. Push a little further. And have faith beyond anything else. Trusting and believing that all the things that have happened, are happening now, and are going to happen, are for a reason. They’re happening for a purpose. We are each just one puzzle piece to the big picture. There’s a reason why my edges are cut the way they are. I was designed to fit in with the surrounding pieces to make a whole picture and you were too.

Puzzle pieces are beautiful when they stand alone. They have a unique shape about them and a series of colors that make them different from all of the other pieces, but when they are connected to all of the surrounding pieces designed to fit their curves and edges, suddenly a masterpiece comes together. In this same mindset, a puzzle that’s lacking one of its pieces is literally left with a hole.

Every piece is needed.

You are needed.

Connect with us at Voice of Hope in the Darkness and help us shape a new era on the internet. One filled with hope and inspiration – a place that fosters beauty rather than obliterating it. A place where people can find their purpose – find where their piece fits into the puzzle.


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